Operating since 2000, Fruit d’or is a family-owned food and beverage business, specializing in sweet and dried cranberries,blueberries, juice cocktails and fruit concentrates. Currently, the company exports to over 50 countries and is recognized as being the largest grower, processor and supplier of organic cranberries and blueberries in the world. Today, Fruit d’Or is pleased to intro-
duce to the world its nutraceutical division: Fruit D’Or Nutraceuticals. This nutraceutical division will deliver the finest quality cranberry and blueberry powders to be used in the health and nutrition industry. The nutraceutical powders will be launched under the brand CRAN Naturelle Organic and Cran d’Or. Ingredients offered to consumers will include pure cranberry whole food powder, cranberry seed powder, cranberry oil and organic cranberry juice powder. Wild blueberry powders will also be offered in 2017.

According to a company release, what makes Fruit d’Or special and different is that it is the only vertically integrated company to grow, harvest and produce nutraceutical cranberry and blueberry powders, also stating it is the first cranberry company to take natural pure fresh cranberries and dry them into a powder, delivering a standardization of Proanthocyanidins (called PACS.) These PACS are then studied and tested to support UTIs. Health Canada has now approved both CRAN Naturelle and CRAN d’OR and granted NPN registration to support UTI claims.

To achieve standardization and efficacy, Fruit d’Or has established a quality assurance program called Cranberry Quality Assurance (or CQA). This quality testing program is an industry first for cranberry. Cranberry is tested for DNA to ensure authenticity and is also tested for adulteration and fingerprinted to indentify bio-markers. The cranberry is then standardized for PAC content and sent to Rutgers University for anti-adhesion testing. The CQA program protects consumers and delivers quality that consumers can trust.

All ingredients from Fruit d’or are science-based and are guaranteed to be safe and pure offering the highest quality possible.


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