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“As a former NHL hockey player who was born and raised in Quebec, I congratulate Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals on their cranberry and blueberry business in Quebec, Canada. After visiting your plant last harvest, I was impressed with your passion and efforts in building a first-class business that would make Canada very proud as world champions of the cranberry and blueberry industry. You are true leaders in your industry. As your cranberry ambassador, I am pleased to be a part of your continued success in helping others become better educated on how to live a longer and healthier life with cranberry and blueberries.
Bonne Chance.”

Marcel Dionne

Marcel Dionne

NHL Legend Celebrity Hockey Hall of Famer

“With the ongoing concerns of adulteration in the supply chain and the need for quality, safety and efficacy in the market, I think it is critically important to get out into the field and see firsthand where your ingredients come from. In this case, I was able to follow the cranberry through the entire process, from the harvesting in the bogs to the cleaning, processing and packaging in one the most high-tech processing facilities I’ve toured. If cranberry is an ingredient you use, I would recommend taking a trip up to see this for yourself.”

Jon Benninger

Vice President | Health & Nutrition Network | Global Exhibitions

“As our company entered into the cranberry category for the first time it was imperative we develop a product that was built around industry-leading efficacy, substantiated ingredients and traceability. After reviewing different sources of cranberry ingredients, we selected Cran d’Or as the primary ingredient in our formula. We selected Cran d’Or because it is the most researched-backed and the cleanest source of whole fruit cranberry powder available. It’s traceability from the farm through the manufacturing process is unparalleled. Additionally, it provides a leading PAC content that was extremely important to our formulation. The efficacy behind Cran d’Or ultimately helped us win an industry-best award for our cranberry women’s health formulation. The team are Fruit d’Or are strategic partners and provide best in-class business support.”

Jeff Brucker

VP of Marketing | Genesis Today

“Visiting Fruit d’Or’s facility and cranberry bog was such a fun and unique experience. I am grateful for the opportunity. I was very impressed with the company and its staff and their commitment to research and high quality ingredients. Their standards are very high.”

Janet Poveromo

Editor-in-Chief | RM Media

“Attending the harvest event was a great opportunity to view the entire cranberry processing from the bogs to the factory. This event was one of the most informative experiences I’ve had with a supplier. It was refreshing to see how much pride the company has in their products and how knowledgeable they are about cranberries. I look forward to our continued collaboration and seeing what great new products they provide in the years to come.”

Nylen Simmons

R&D Supervisor | InnoPhos Nutrition

“The trip to the Fruit d’Or facilities and bogs was an eye opening experience about the cranberry process from fruit to supplement and finished product.  This was a great opportunity to discuss the overall nutrition industry and the benefits of the cranberry with individuals from across the supply chain. Thanks to Fruit d’Or for this opportunity!”

Kim Merselis

Business Development Manager | Nutrition Business Journal | New Hope Network

“Wow, I was amazed by the cranberry harvest and processing facility at fruit d’Or. The dedication to excellence in all things cranberry was truly inspiring.”

Jerry Zeifman

President | Advantage Health Matters Inc.

“Thank you  for a wonderful experience full of education on cranberry, from seeing the bog to what happens after and all that we can do with it. You certainly have a first class business  that promotes high quality ingredients, as well as great people and hospitality. Congratulations on making a quality difference to the nutraceutical industry.”

Heather Wainer

President | Advantage Health Matters Inc.