QUEBEC, CANADA —  Fruit d’Or  Nutraceuticals, a division of Fruit d’Or Inc., the world’s largest supplier and processor of organic cranberry ingredients, and Tab Labs Inc., custom private label manufacturer and packager of confectionary products, have collaborated on the first-ever prototype all-natural chewing gum featuring Oral Cran, a new cranberry ingredient that specifically fights against periodontal disease and supports oral health.

Stephen Lukawski, Sales and Marketing Director for Fruit d’Or Nutraceucticals, who researched and developed the new chewing gum, explains, “This functional and tasty cranberry gum is formulated to appeal to both adults and children as our initial launch will combine two flavors — Organic Pomegranate and Organic Raspberry — reflecting very popular fruit flavors in many consumer confection products. Further, the benefit of supporting oral health and hygiene is appreciated by parents and individuals who want to improve gum health.”

Oral Cran gum is also attractive to consumers and parents as it is sugar free but is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener that does not raise blood sugar and also has been shown to whiten teeth. The gum is also free of allergens and gluten.

Wide-ranging research shows that the cranberry’s proanthocyanidins (PACs) help reduce plaque, support gum health and can also help freshen breath.  In fact, Lukawski points out, “we are excited about the many positive studies showing that cranberry PACs promote the potential benefits of reducing dental caries and periodontal disease. Add to this the fact that an increasing number of studies are pointing clear links between gum disease and cardiovascular disease risk.”    

Specifically, several in vitro studies show that the PACs  inhibit the formation of biofilm and adhesion of periodontopathogenic bacteria.

The natural proanthocyandins found in  Oral Cran ingredient  are considered to be the highest in content (most concentrated) compared to other all natural cranberry ingredients. The reason for this is that Fruit d’Or  uses an innovative, state-of-the-art drying process to preserve and maintain the integrity of the whole cranberry as well as the naturally occurring levels of PACs, without degradation. An additional advantage is that the organic acids and pH in Oral Cran are very low, compared to those in other cranberry ingredients which tend to be higher — high levels of acid and pH reduce the potency of the PACs and can degrade tooth enamel, which can exacerbate tooth decay.

Because Fruit d’Or’s new all natural cranberry ingredient, Oral Cran, is manufactured as an oral health-promoting ingredient, it is required to be delivered in a format that has prolonged contact with the mouth making a chewing gum a perfect delivery system. “This necessitated a partner who could deliver just that,” Lukawski asserts. “We found that partner in Tab Labs, which has succeeded in developing a proprietary cold-press technology to manufacture nutraceutically infused, functional gums that fulfill a wide range of consumer needs and desires for self-care initiatives.”

Until Tab Labs’ technology, manufacturers were unable to develop a stable, functional chewing gum application due to the cranberry PACs’ inherent sensitivity to heat, which would destroy them, according to Tom Holtgen, CEO of Tab Labs. “Therefore, no heat or moisture are used  in the manufacturing of Oral Cran gum. The result is a gum containing a very high survival rate of the PACs, and because there is no moisture in the finished  product, shelf life is extended,” Holtgen explains. “We are very excited about our exclusive relationship with  Stephen  Lukawski and Fruit d”Or as they have a high quality cranberry ingredient that actually begins with very little moisture.”

Another distinguishing factor of Oral Cran is Tab Labs’ patented all-natural gum base that uses chicle, extracted from the sapodilla tree. Holtgen notes that other gum manufacturers use a synthetic gum base made of polymers. “We have been successful  in developing the first ever 100% all natural gum base incorporating our tri layer patented technology.  The natural gum base has a different taste  and is more expensive to produce, however, a significant and attractive advantage is that the gum is biodegradable and therefore, environmentally friendly, which has become an increasing priority for Americans.”

Manufacturers interested in collaborating with Tab Labs or Fruit d’Or to produce a market-ready version of Oral Cran gum are invited to contact Stephen Lukawski at Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals;  239 248-7118  or email Please stop by Expo West booths 2916 and 854 for samples.

About Fruit d’Or

Located in Quebec, Canada, Fruit d’Or is the world’s largest supplier and processor of organic cranberry and blueberry, and exports its high-demand products to more than 50 countries. Fruit d’Or, which also works directly with more than 25 cranberry growers, enjoys the distinction of being Quebec’s fastest-growing business and is working to become recognized as a global leader in food, beverage and nutraceuticals through providing premium-quality ingredients backed by science and innovation.

About Tab Labs 

Tab Labs, Inc has served the confectionary industry as a custom private label manufacturer and packager of quality confectionary products since 1992. During this period, Tab Labs, Inc provided its private label clients their confectionary solutions to meet the dramatic growth demand for innovative, unique packaging and labeling formats that drive consumer consumption. 



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