QUEBEC, CANADA—Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals’ cranberry offerings could make going to the dentist a pleasant and healthier experience for millions. As a matter of fact, Cranberry could save your life from oral disease.

A recent study conducted at the University of Illinois demonstrates that bacterial tests have provided a stunning health benefit involving whole food cranberry powder: Cran Naturelle whole cranberry powder by itself and a mixture featuring the company’s signature organic cranberry whole food cranberry powder inhibit the growth of P. gingivalis, the pathogenic oral bacterial frequently associated with gum disease and halitosis.

According to Fruit d’Or, this is the first time Organic whole food cranberry powders have been linked to oral health benefits.

“These preclinical results are impressive and most encouraging to move forward to human studies,“ says Stephen Lukawski, Director of Business Development and Global Sales for Fruit d’Or. “Natural health journalists are well aware of the benefits of proanthocyanidins in cranberries and urinary tract health, but the benefits suggested by this study provide hope for people of all ages, regardless of their health.”

As for the most current research, the effects of Fruit d’Or’s Cran naturelle organic cranberry powder, its organic cranberry juice powder, and “CranBella Smile” (a mixture featuring Cran naturelle and erythritol) were tested on the growth and biofilm formation of the cariogenic Streptococcus mutans (associated with cavities) and the growth of periodontal pathogens Fusobacterium nucleatum and Porphyromonas gingivalis—both of which are associated with gum disease and halitosis in humans.

Biofilm forms and grows on the gums, teeth, and tongue. Basically, it serves as a primer for the bacteria to stick to, Lukawski explains. When you reduce bio film, the bad bacteria cannot adhere and colonize. The PACs of the cranberry play an important role in the inhibition of the bad bacteria. Important to note is that Cran Naturelle powder is standardized to contain 7% total PACs, combining both soluble and insoluble PACs together. This is the highest PAC content in comparison to all other natural cranberry powders

Test Highlights

All three cranberry products were used in the antimicrobial testing. In order to perform the assay, test material needs to be dissolved in water or solvent in homogeneous state.

*Cranberry juice powder inhibited growth of S.mutans at 20 mg/ml at the end of 24 and 48 hour incubation.

*The juice powder at 20 mg/ml promoted less than 10% biofilm formation compared to the non-treated control.

*All three products, when pH was not adjusted, inhibited growth of F. nucleate–120 mg/ml for whole powder, 5 mg/ml for cranberry juice powder; and 160 mg/ml for Cran Bella after 48 hours of growth.

*Most notably, CranBella Smile and Cran naturelle, either adjusted or non-adjusted for acidity, inhibited growth of P. gingivalis. “It is therefore encouraging that these products may indeed show positive effect in humans,” according to the researchers.

Unlike other juice concentrates, Lukawski notes, the Fruit d’Or products do not stain teeth. “This is extremely important,” he emphasizes. “Oral health care is about health and beauty—and we believe our whole food cranberry extracts provide both. That’s another reason why we’re so excited about this development.” Stopping bleeding gums, freshening breath, promoting teeth whitening and reducing bio film formation to support healthy gums are all positive benefits that consumers can experience when brushing their teeth with whole food cranberry powder. Fruit d’Or is showcasing cranberry as a star ingredient and a beauty secret to oral health care.

Looking Ahead

The study from University of Illinois is another attempt from Fruit d’Or, the founder of the Cranberry Quality Assurance Program for suppliers, to bring efficacy and standardization to cranberry products. We are continuing our efforts to take cranberry beyond UTI and turn cranberry into a supper berry.

“I believe that based on the studies that we have been involved in such as gut health, UTI support, cardio health and oral care that cranberry should be taken every day by everyone. With lack of standardization and efficacy in the supply chain for most cranberry suppliers, the nutraceutical industry for cranberry products is constantly described as being suspicious and manipulative,” Lukawski says. “Customers are now becoming more educated and are making smarter decisions about what they’re putting into their bodies. As the largest growers and processors of Organic cranberry and Blueberry in the world we continue to look for ways to raise the bar to standardize the quality of cranberry every step from the field to the finished product—that way everyone benefits. And, as these results from the University of Illinois at Chicago indicate, we’re just getting started to take cranberry to the super elite category as a daily super food.”

To see the full test results or to speak to the researchers involved, please contact Stephen Lukawski at


From field to consumer, Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals supplies rich, high potency organic and all natural fruit powders and oils for the health and nutrition industries. It is a division of Fruit d’Or the worldwide leader in organic cranberry processing. To learn more, visit our site.



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