From the cranberry bogs to the educational workshops, symposium attendees will also get hands-on experience of Fruit d’Or’s farm-to finish supply management  

Members of the trade media, industry stakeholders and Fruit d’Or customers will converge on the Quebec headquarters this month to literally get their feet wet during this year’s cranberry harvest. This year’s participants in the Fruit d’Or Cranberry Harvest Symposium will get the full farm-to-factory experience, and will be on hand when Fruit d’Or formally unveils its new relationship with Taiyo.

“We had an overwhelming response to our invitations to this year’s event, and expect a full house,” commented Stephen Lukawski, director of Sales and Business Development for Fruit d’Or. “Participants will experience the bogs, tour our manufacturing facility and attend workshops by leading experts.”  The symposium takes place October 23 through 26.

Lukawski comments, “There have been a lot of conversations since last year’s harvest about transparency and sustainability. The terms ‘farm-to-finish’ and ‘supply management’ are becoming commonplace. It’s one thing to talk about these parameters. But if you’re formulating with an ingredient such as cranberry, it’s important to actually go and experience them for yourself.”  Fruit d’Or is the only nutraceutical cranberry company that is vertically integrated as they are involved in all stages from farm to finish. “From the planting of the cranberry seed to the retail shelf, we touch the cranberry in every step of processing,” asserts Lukawski.

Business-boosting workshops

The symposium will include workshops designed to showcase the opportunities of marketing cranberry beyond urinary tract infections. New Hope’s Kim Merselis will set the stage with her state-of-the-cranberry industry remarks.

The workshop will also include a presentation by researcher Christian G. Krueger of Complete Phytochemical Solutions, LLC, who has introduced the butonal method for measuring cranberry’s insoluble PACs and has also developed the C-PAC reference standard for accurately measuring total proanthocyanidins. Krueger will discuss those new reference standards and analytical testing methods. He will also introduce participants to the new analytical equipment used for measuring polyphenols, such as fingerprint analysis for identification via MALDI-TOF.

There will also be discussions about how to identify and prevent cranberry adulteration by Stefan Gafner of the American Botanical Council, and a full explanation of the Cranberry Quality Assurance (CQA) supplier program that sets new higher quality standards and new barriers of entry for cranberry suppliers. CQA assures the cranberry powder being sold has been tested for identity, safety, purity and efficacy.

“This symposium will be a good opportunity for existing and new Fruit d’Or customers to take videos and photos of our farm-to-finish story, for use in the marketing and promotion of their brands and our branded ingredients,” comments Lukawski.   

“Fruit d’Or will showcase all stages of its sustainability program, from the planting of seeds and the cranberry harvest, to the vertical integration of manufacturing and participation in the pioneering CQA program. Most important, participants will witness the priority we place on protecting the health and safety of consumers through the standardization and efficacy of our quality ingredients.”  

Introducing SunCran

During this month’s symposium, Fruit d’Or will also formally unveil its new relationship with Taiyo. A new branded ingredient, SunCran, combines Fruit d’Or’s Organic Cranberry Juice Powder with Taiyo’s Sunfiber soluble guar fiber. It is available as both organic and conventional formulations.

An unsweetened bulk powder, SunCran is the first-ever cranberry juice powder with 70 percent juice concentrate. Sunfiber is a truly regulating, prebiotic dietary fiber that provides satiety and aids in the transit of food through the intestines. Sunfiber is a food with an approved Health Canada claim for 20 percent reduction in post-prandial glucose levels.

Taiyo Vice President Scott Smith states, “We selected Fruit d’Or as an ingredient partner not just for their leadership in delivering premium quality cranberry ingredients but also because their core values parallel ours in that we are in business to produce and supply science-based, quality ingredients with the highest concern for consumer health and safety.”

“SunCran is ideal for digestive health products because it leverages the prebiotic benefits of Sunfiber with the latest, best-in-class cranberry technology,” comments Lukawski. “SunCran is a turnkey solution for those looking for prebiotic fiber benefits combined with cranberry juice benefits, without the sugar. It can be used in functional ready-to-drink beverages as well as bars, stick packs and scoopable powders.  

“Fruit d’Or’s new partnership with Taiyo is a good example of partnering with one of the best companies in the industry that is also focused on science, which is Fruit d’Or’s model of growing the cranberry industry behind UTIs,” Lukawski concludes.

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