QUEBEC, CANADA — Stephen Lukawski, Director of Global Sales and Development for Fruit d’Or, has announced Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals’ release of a cranberry dossier, “in an effort to help debunk the junk in the cranberry industry and set higher quality standards for both cranberry ingredients and cranberry products.  The dossier has been designed  to better educate industry stakeholders of the importance of the whole cranberry and that not all cranberry is the same quality,” he describes.

The cranberry dossier covers the history , science and research of the whole cranberry, and details the latest research that extends cranberry’s use beyond UTIs and into other health applications such as oral care, gut health, cardio health, prostate and skin care.

Designed for researchers, formulators, marketers and quality control professionals in the nutraceutical industry, the dossier is a guide to a better understanding of other health benefits beyond UTI.  “Nutrition brand marketers will discover new ideas for product development and be able to label their cranberry products to identify standardization of quality and efficacy,” Lukawski says. 

The dossier describes new test methods such as Butonal, and reference standards, such as C-PAC, to measure the potency of proanthocyanidins (PAC) content, which  will soon be recognized  by both USP and AHP. “Industry can learn how Cran Naturelle was tested against all other natural cranberry powders and had the highest potency of PAC content and why it is the lowest cost per daily dose.”

It also explains the factors needed for the successful future of the cranberry industry — authenticity and identification, standardization, and adulteration. It discusses the importance of DNA barcoding and sequential testing, necessary for establishing identification and authenticity.  It describes the work of Christian Krueger, CEO of Complete Phytochemical Solutions, whose research and innovations have improved the landscape of cranberry ingredients.  “Companies will learn that there is new testing equipment available such as MALTI -TOF which is used for authenticity and preventing  adulteration,” Lukawski explains.

The document contains a look at whole fruit of cranberry versus cranberry juice powder, the advantages of cranberry skins and cranberry seeds, and the values of insoluble and soluble PACs innate to cranberry.  “Insoluble PACs are a new discovery; they are only  found in the press cake of cranberry — not in cranberry juice — and play an important role in human nutrition. Further, the dossier contains information as to why non-standardized cranberry juice powder is insufficient,” he explains.

He adds, “We were motivated to spend months creating this dossier to teach industry stakeholders that not all cranberry powders are of the same quality or efficacy, and that there are important and research-backed roles of cranberry beyond UTIs. For example, it describes clinical research of Cran Naturelle combined with probiotics, opening up several new targeted-health markets such as immune, digestive and oral health support. Formulators will see why cranberry seed oil and cranberry seed powder provide an exciting opportunity to develop new health products; and how they can make and generate greater sales using all the components of the entire cranberry.” 

The dossier will be introduced at Supply side in Las Vegas at the Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals booth (# 707); it will also  available to all nutraceutical companies that register.

About Cran Naturelle

Cran Naturelle is clinically studied 100% all natural whole food organic cranberry that is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and contains no fillers, additives, or flow agents. Direct from the growers in Quebec the cranberry is planted, harvested and dried by Fruit d’Or. Independent laboratory testing shows it contains the highest proanthocyanidin content of any natural cranberry ingredient on the market.

About Fruit d’Or

Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals is a global leader in organic processing and supply of nutraceutical cranberry and blueberry powders. The company positions itself as a next generation partner in advanced cranberry by providing cutting-edge innovation in technology and science. Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals engages in product development, research and a commitment to quality and safety to distinguish itself from the competition the company controls the quality from the seed to the field, from harvest to manufacturing to retail. This one-stop Canadian facility provides non-GMO, organic, state-of-the-art quality control and traceability, key factors to its and the industry’s future growth and long-term success.



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