Savvy formulators, retailers and consumers trust Fruit d’Or and the manufacturing of their clinically tested Cran d’Or and organic Cran Naturelle whole fruit cranberry ingredients because they simply deliver the  best value in the market.

Best value is determined based on highest quality testing and the lowest cost per daily dose to provide efficacy and safety to consumers. Their focus for delivering standardization, purity and clinically tested ingredients are just a few ways that these Fruit d’Or brands are improving the cranberry industry.

Verified purity

Fruit d’Or puts its clinically tested whole fruit powder ingredients through strict, third-party tests to determine authenticity, standardization and efficacy. These are inseparable concepts, especially because consumers expect manufacturers to deliver on quantity and quality of an ingredient so it addresses health concerns. Sadly, those expectations aren’t always met.

Compared with the competition:

  • Fruit d’Or, a vertically integrated company, produces real whole fruit cranberry powder. Some other cranberry suppliers are actors and imposters misleading consumers that they are producing and selling whole fruit cranberry powders.  
  • Fruit d’Or, when producing whole fruit cranberry powders, uses no carriers, excipients or preservatives. Just 100% real cranberry powder as mother nature intended.
  • Fruit d’Or, when producing cranberry juice powder, unlike other cranberry juice suppliers does not use carriers such as maltodextrin and MgOH. They have the highest concentration of pure cranberry juice concentrate in their water soluble juice powders compared to any other cranberry supplier.
  • Fruit d’Or tests for adulteration and for authenticity (using DNA barcoding to ensure that the starting material is indeed cranberry) using state-of-the-art fingerprint technology. Many others are not using a testing program for standardized quality, nor are they testing for adulteration or authenticity.
  • Fruit d’Or cranberry ingredients carry the Cranberry Quality Assurance (CQA) seal of approval, confirming that they’ve passed a five-star program guaranteeing purity, efficacy, standardization and safety. The others? Check their labels. No standardization  of quality on the label leads to the possibility of fairy dust  or animal feed

Higher potency

The number one reason people try a natural health product and end up disappointed is the lack of therapeutic dose per serving compared to the evidence in the scientific literature. Buyers of cranberry ingredients need to know what questions to ask their suppliers and ask for independent test results showing PAC potency at time of purchase.

While DNA barcoding is applicable for authentication of the cranberry fruit (raw material) it does not provide qualitative or quantitative information on PACs of cranberry raw ingredients or final formulated products. That’s why Fruit d’Or has incorporated MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for purposes of authenticating and quantifying soluble and insoluble PACs in both its raw ingredients and finished products. Collectively, these sophisticated analytics support efficacy, standardization and authentication from the beginning to the end of the process.

Compared with the competition:

  • Fruit d’Or whole fruit cranberry ingredients are seven times more powerful than non-standardized cranberry juice extract powders.
  • Whole fruit cranberry powders are standardized to contain a minimum of seven percent soluble and insoluble PACs, which is the highest potency of total PACs than any other whole fruit cranberry supplement.
  • Fruit d’Or’s clinically tested dosage of whole fruit cranberry powder is one to two 500 mg capsules to reach the recommended 36 mg of total PACs daily. The others? You would need to take at least fifteen 500 mg capsules of non-standardized cranberry juice capsules to reach 36 mg of soluble and insoluble PACs. Competitors such as PAC Cran and CranMax would require the consumers to take at least 50% more of their cranberry powder to meet the quality of Fruit d’Or. How do we know? Because through a third party independent accredited laboratory, we have tested both their ingredients and finished products and can confirm this. Test results are available upon request.  

Verified efficacy

There is a stark contrast in manufacturing standards regardless of good manufacturing practices. Consumers expect manufacturers to deliver on the quantity and quality of an ingredient for the outcome they’re expecting.

Compared with the competition:

  • Fruit d’Or conducts its clinical studies on DNA-verified whole fruit cranberry  powder that is polyphenol fingerprinted and confirmed by a third-party lab to be adulterant-free. The others, such as Cran Max or Pac Cran, do not have completed studies based on DNA or polyphenol fingerprint analysis on their starting cranberry.
  • Fruit d’Or is the only cranberry company that has published studies on whole fruit cranberry powder that is linked to the bioactives called PACs.
  • Fruit d’Or has Rutgers University conducts anti-adhesion tests on all their lot numbers. Others have no anti-adhesion studies linked to soluble and insoluble PACs on their starting powders.

And there are other important differences. For example, with Fruit d’Or’s organic or conventional whole fruit powder, you get the powerful nutrients found in the skins, seeds and natural juice. This is called real whole fruit cranberry powder. The competition, such as Cran Max, can be acting to be real cranberry powder when it is truly an extract. Infusing cranberry juice concentrate into cranberry fiber is not real cranberry whole fruit cranberry. Consumers need to be aware that labels that state whole fruit cranberry or whole herb can be misleading. That is why Fruit d’Or tests for PACs and guarantees standardization of quality from lot to lot. This ensures consumers are receiving real cranberry that is safe and efficacious.

There are also differences in the drying systems. Fruit d’Or’s proprietary drying system uses low temperatures, slowly drying ingredients to help preserve the whole fruit cranberry nutrients’ integrity. The others have drying systems that use high temperatures that cause degradation of the phytonutrients such as PACs, leading to very little potency remaining in the bioactives and nutrients within  the whole fruit cranberry powder.

Fruit d’Or is a next generation partner in advanced cranberry by providing cutting-edge innovation in technology and science. Its commitment to economic sustainability, quality, safety, product development and research distinguishes it from the competition. The company controls the quality from the seed to the field, from harvest to manufacturing to retail, all to ensure the best value possible.


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