This short study is supported by Fruit d’Or and conducted by Dr.H.A.Rodrigues


A preliminary test using Cran Naturelle Cranberry powder as an agent in oral hygiene for the  preventing periodontal disease and caries


Studies on cranberry powder for dental use.

Aim: To study the benefits of the use of Cran Naturelle cranberry powder as a supplement for dental care

Study: Various studies in the past have demonstrated the benefits of cranberry powder for dental care.  High high-molecular-weight polyphenols isolated from cranberries have shown promise with regard to dental caries and periodontal disease. These potential anticaries agents inhibit the production of organic acids and the formation of biofilms by cariogenic bacteria. In addition, cranberry polyphenols may reduce the inflammatory response, as well as the production and activity of proteolytic enzymes contributing to the destruction of the extracellular matrix in periodontal disease (Bonifait and Grenier 2010).  Based on the expertise of Dr. Hilary Rodrigues, the effect of Cran Naturelle  cranberry powder on periodontal disease was studied.  A patient database of 33 individuals, both male and female of ages ranging from 33 to 80 years was established.  The patients were given a 300 gm bottle of cranberry powder.  The patients were asked to dip the toothbrush with the paste on it in the Cran Naturelle cranberry powder before brushing the teeth. This treatment was performed for two to three months.  Gum conditions of the patient before and after the treatment were recorded.  

This is a preliminary short study that will be the test to see if a further more detailed study should be done, ie measured pocket depths and possibly pictures.


Age Gender Halitosis Bleeding
Pre treatment Post treatment Pre treatment Post treatment
47 F Perio condition very poor 80% better Gums bleeding and posterior pockets No Bleeding gums
53 F Gums poor 100% better Bleeding No bleeding
61 M Halitosis No halitosis

100% better

Excessive bleeding Gums improved, no bleeding
53 M 80% better Excessive bleeding No bleeding
60 M 100% better Poor gum condition High improvement
43 F 100% better No Bleeding
69 M Very poor 80% better Bleeding 60% improvement
59 F 80% better Generalised bleeding and pockets Gums in good shape
59 M Moderate 80% better Bleeding and pocketing Gums in great shape
51 M Poor 80% better
35 F Poor 80% better Pocketing Gums in great shape
35 M Moderate 80% better Bleeding and pockets Gums improved
40 F Moderate 100% better Pockets Gums improved
39 M
34 M Poor 60% better Red and swollen Improvement
34 F Moderate 80% better Slight bleeding No bleeding
29 F Moderate 70% better Red and swollen, pockets Much improvement, little bleeding
43 M Moderate 80% better Deep pockets and swollen gums Perfect gums
59 M Poor 80% better Swollen and pockets Much improvement, little bleeding
58 M Poor 50% better Bleeding Little improvement
80 F Poor 80% better Poor gums
33 F Moderate 100% better Poor gums, pocketing Great gums
50 M Poor 50% better Bleeding and pocketing Moderate improvement
51 F Poor 80% better Mild bleeding Improvement
53 F Moderate 80% better Generalised pocketing Improvement
55 F Poor 80% better Poor gums Good progress
78 F Poor Improvement Generalised pocketing Good progress
60 F Poor 100% better Few pockets Gums perfect
68 F Poor Improvement Generalised 4mm pockets Gums improvement
39 F Moderate Improvement
40 F Moderate Improvement Pocketing Improvement
M Poor 50% better Poor gums Improvement
M Moderate 80% better Generalised pockets improvement


The grades of improvement are subjective.

Gums were rated not by pocket depth  but by health of the gums. Bleeding gums and plaque were  absent in just about all patients who participated. Every person who participated advised me that the whole mouth felt better and that they were feeling  that the powder was a great help to them.

A further more structured study will be needed but it is my opinion that the powder will help all who use it and it should be used generally by all for better oral health.

This very short test confirms  the efficacy of Cran Naturelle Cranberry powder in assisting in oral health.


Bonifait L., Grenier D. Cranberry Polyphenols: Potential Benefits for Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease.     J Can Dent Assoc 2010;76:a130



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