Fruit d’Or provides a clean, field-to-table, low-bush whole fruit wild blueberry powder as Blue Naturelle Organic Wild Blueberry Powder and Blue d’Or Conventional Wild Blueberry Powder.

Both of these wild blueberry whole-fruit powders are non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher and contain no additives, excipients or carriers. With our proprietary processes, the color, flavor and aroma are preserved as Mother Nature intended. They are made from 100% whole blueberry.

Highbush vs. Lowbush

Blueberries come in two varieties: highbush and lowbush. Highbush blueberries are cultivated from late June to the end of July and lowbush are harvested during a two week period in August. Highbrush blueberries are more plentiful and larger than lowbrush, but are less intense in color and flavor. Lowbush blueberries have been tested to show higher levels of anthocyanins than highbush.

Lowbush Blueberry Plant

Highbush Blueberry Plant

Benefits of Blueberry

A substantial body of scientific research exists on wild blueberries’ health benefits for children and adults. Considered a super-antioxidant and King of Blueberry, wild blueberries are associated with eye health, oral health and enhanced cognitive performance. Evidence shows they also promote cardiovascular health, supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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Not so blue? Wild blueberries may boost mood.

Not so blue? Wild blueberries may boost mood.

We may now be able to add mood boosting to wild blueberries’ growing list of health benefits. Research has shown that wild blueberries’ flavonoids may have a mood-improving effect on young adults and children. Published study links wild blueberries with...

Blueberry Research

“Fruit d’Or is the first whole-fruit wild blueberry powder company to sign up for the new Blueberry Quality Assurance (BQA) program and to achieve the BQA seal.” Under this supplier testing program, each lot of whole-fruit wild blueberry powder submitted will undergo the following tests:

  • Fingerprint analysis for identification and quantification of anthocyanins and PACs via MALTI-TOF
  • DNA sequential bar coding for authenticity
  • Analysis for adulteration via MALTI-TOF
  • Standardization of biomarkers such as PACs

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