Not all cranberry products are the same. Before you start drinking gallons of sugary cranberry drinks or rush out to buy a whole-fruit cranberry supplement, know that some products don’t contain enough active nutrients to deliver any benefits. First, educate yourself with these tips for selecting best quality cranberry.

Whole-fruit cranberry product imposters can be spotted by reading the label. If it says that one capsule contains seven glasses of cranberry juice, keep your wallet in your pocket. It’s not real cranberry powder. Cranberry products may also be adulterated with ingredients not listed on the label, such as peanut skin. Those aren’t real whole-fruit ingredients either. To ensure maximum efficacy, purity and standardization of proanthocyanins (PACs) are essential.

To best protect yourself from whole-fruit cranberry powder cheaters, actors or adulterators:

Do not:

  • Purchase whole fruit cranberry tablets or softgel supplements. They contain too many fillers and additives, and cannot be accurately tested for adulteration or PACs.
  • Choose cranberry juice supplements or whole fruit powder supplements that don’t list standardized PACs on the label or identify test methods used to measure PACS.
  • Purchase cranberry products that say extracts. These are not whole fruit cranberry powders  
  • Purchase soft chews. Save your money as they contain too many sugars, and there’s no efficacy or standardized PACs because of the heat used in the manufacturing process.
  • Fall for low prices or two-for-one deals. When it comes to your health, quality comes first, not price.
  • Purchase whole fruit supplements that say 50:1 ratio or equivalent to 50,000 mg of fresh cranberries. This is a  misleading marketing gimmick and cannot be supported.   


  • Search for whole-fruit cranberry capsules that contain no flow agents or lubricating agents.
  • First read the label to make sure you are getting a whole fruit powder not a cranberry  extract.  
  • Look on the label for farm to table or direct from grower, to ensure authenticity and freshness.
  • Buy organic whenever you can to ensure you’re getting clean, pesticide-free ingredients.
  • Be prepared to pay a higher price for higher quality.
  • Look for standardization of  a minimum seven percent PACs on the label, or Cran Naturelle or Cran d’or logos, for guarantee of quality.    
  • Empower yourself through education. Frequently visit the Fruit d’Or website for advice.
  • When in doubt, call us on our customer trust line for advice at 1 888 472-2275.  

If you already have a whole fruit cranberry supplement at home, here are more tips to see if it’s the real deal. Break apart a capsule (If it’s a tablet or softgel disguised as whole fruit, it’s too late. Toss it and use the tips above to buy a better product.) The color of the ingredient inside should be red or burgundy. Then taste it. Real cranberry is tart. The powder should have a tangy or even slightly sour taste.

Fruit d’Or was the first cranberry supplier to use the Cranberry Quality Assurance (CQA) testing program to verify that the company brings best-in-class cranberry from the field to your table. CQA ensures that Fruit d’Or cranberry ingredients – organic Cran Naturelle and traditional Cran d’Or whole-fruit cranberry and organic juice powders – are superior in quality, safety and effectiveness.

Ask questions and be smart about your choices. Fruit d’Or is here to help you live a healthier and longer life. Working together, we can contribute to the health and wellness of others, and elevate the cranberry industry to the respected status it deserves.



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