Consumers demand cleaner and healthier products with fewer excipients. Fruit d’Or delivers all this with its organic whole-fruit cranberry juice powder. This healthy drink option is more than a trend. This is a powerful new direction for cranberry ingredients and, ultimately, for other formulations, including dietary supplements. The demand is based on the growing scientific evidence of cranberry’s health-promoting properties.

Fruit d’Or’s vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free organic cranberry juice powder has many advantages:

  • It’s carrier-free (no magnesium hydroxide or maltodrexin).
  • It’s low in calories and has no added sugars, making it ideal for weight management.
  • It’s standardized, containing up to 150 mg of polyphenols.
  • It contains at least 50 mg of proanthocyanins (water soluble A-type PACs) in a 10 gram serving.
  • It contains 40 percent more PACs than cranberry cocktail juice in a 10 gram serving.
  • It contains 70 percent more of juice concentrate than other cranberry juice powders.
  • Proprietary breakthrough technology enables the cranberry juice to be free-flowing and encapsulated into stick packs, capsules, sachets, etc. without flow agents or other additives.

It takes 12 lbs. of fresh cranberries to produce 6,000 mg  of Fruit d’Or’s organic cranberry juice powder.

There is more juice concentrate in this powder than any other cranberry juice extract powder on the dietary supplement market. This also gives Fruit d’Or’s organic cranberry juice powder a rich cranberry color and taste. And, unlike other commercially available cranberry juices (which contain as much as 63 percent sugar water), Fruit d’Or’s organic cranberry juice powder gives consumers control over the amount and type of sweetener they choose to add.

Unlike other natural cranberry juice extract powders that are spray dried and contain as high as 80 percent maltodextrin, Fruit d’Or has developed carrier-free, water-soluble organic and conventional cranberry powders from cranberry juice concentrate using a patented drying process. This process involves low temperatures that limit the degradation of the cranberry juice concentrate integrity. It also has many advantages over spray-, freeze- and drum-drying technology. Most other cranberry juice powders are sticky and clump together, making them difficult to use.

Fruit d’Or’s organic cranberry juice powder has a better taste profile and more attractive flowability and dispersion than other ingredients. It is much easier for supplement and beverage manufacturers to use.

Fruit d’Or is raising the bar of efficacy and standardization in the cranberry industry. All of the company’s cranberry ingredients, including its cranberry juice powders, are tested for DNA authenticity and adulteration as the basis for ensuring safety and efficacy for consumers. When it comes to meeting the demands by consumers for quality they can trust, know that Fruit d’Or grows its own cranberries and manufactures its own concentrate, giving it complete control of the quality from farm-to-finish to ensure protection from adulterants.


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