Recognized as the world leader in natural, organic and conventional cranberry, Fruit d’Or is a best-in-class cranberry supplier. It is the only cranberry company that plants, grows, harvests and dries its own cranberry product into nutraceutical powders. Farm-to-finish, Fruit d’Or is positioned as the cranberry solution provider. The company is committed to investing in partnerships with other leading nutraceutical ingredient suppliers based on scientific research and innovation.

Setting high quality standards for the cranberry industry

The authenticity and proanthocyanin (PACs) content of many cranberry dietary supplements is questionable due to the lack of standardization of bioactive PAC components in the cranberry ingredients. It is relatively easy to identify intact whole cranberry fruits, but once the fruit is turned into an ingredient, identification gets much more difficult.

Fruit d’Or was the first whole-fruit cranberry powder company to do sign up for the Cranberry Quality Assurance (CQA) supplier testing program. CQA sets high quality standards to which suppliers must adhere. These standards are established by an advisory panel that is comprised of nutraceutical industry experts. Once qualified, the supplier receives a seal of approval that allows them to market and promote these quality standards to manufacturers.

Fruit d’Or was the first to achieve the CQA seal. Under this voluntary supplier testing program, Fruit d’Or’s whole-fruit cranberry ingredients undergo the following tests:

  1. Fingerprint analysis for identification and quantification of PACs via MALDI-TOF
  2. DNA sequential bar coding for authenticity
  3. Analysis for adulteration via MALDI-TOF
  4. Standardization of biomarkers such as PACs
  5. Anti-adhesion testing to establish efficacy

Fruit d’Or’s efforts are directed at protecting the business of manufacturers and health and safety of consumers. By participating in the CQA supplier testing program, Fruit d’Or’s goal is not just to provide the highest quality available to manufacturers, but to also assure consumers that they are receiving science-based cranberry ingredients that guarantee purity, safety, efficacy and standardization. Fruit d’Or is the only cranberry supplier to conduct these standardized tests for natural cranberry powders.

Best-in-class cranberry from farm to finish

Authentication and standardization of the bioactive compounds are critical factors that companies need to look for when selecting a supplier of quality cranberry ingredients. Fruit d’Or is uniquely positioned as the only nutraceutical cranberry and blueberry company to offer vertical integration and control of the entire cranberry supply chain, resulting in quality assurance and traceability from farm-to-finish. This ensures quality control, safety and purity, bringing best-in-class cranberry ingredients that protect the health and safety of consumers.

A commitment to healthy and safe cranberry ingredients

There is an ever-increasing diversity of cranberry ingredients entering the dietary supplement market. Raw ingredient providers, formulators, marketers and health researchers are increasingly dependent on analytic methods for authentication, standardization and efficacy evaluation of products. Standardization of PAC levels and authentication of PAC structures is important not only to regulators and manufacturers, but to consumers who depend on the potency and bioactivity in the different cranberry products that they purchase for health maintenance. Fruit d’Or is committed to being the industry leader in doing the right things for both the consumer and the cranberry industry. The company always welcomes new research opportunities to ensure the best possible cranberry product.



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