Want healthier teeth and gums? Try adding whole fruit cranberry powder to your toothbrush in addition to your regular toothpaste. Flavor-neutral cranberry powder may be an oral care secret now, but once people start learning about its benefits, it won’t stay hidden for long. People trying Whole Fruit Cranberry Powder from Fruit d’Or have reported encouraging results, which is great because gum disease affects up to 90 percent of the world’s population.

The high level of proanthocyanidins (PACs) found in Organic Whole Fruit Cranberry Powder, produced by Fruit d’Or, may act as scrubbing agents, helping prevent bacteria from colonizing and forming biofilm on teeth and gums. Biofilm is that slimy substance formed by bacteria. It is associated with the development of gum disease and tooth decay.

A preclinical study conducted by Canadian dentist H.A. Rodrigues measured the effectiveness of Oral Cran as a natural agent for reducing biofilm formation. In the study, 33 men and women dipped their toothbrushes, with toothpaste, into Whole Fruit Cranberry Powder from Fruit d’Or  before brushing their teeth. Gum conditions of each patient were recorded before and after the treatment. After two to three months, the periodontal condition of the patients improved, and in all cases, bleeding from the gums ended. “Swelling of gums was reduced, bad breath was eliminated and blue-tinged gums turned back to a normal pink color. The success is indeed almost 100 percent positive,” Rodrigues reported.

Another study by from the University of Illinois confirmed these findings that cranberry powder and juice both have anti-adhesion effects, a positive link to the reduction of biofilm formation.

Cranberry powder may also perform other jobs that help you keep your teeth. A study conducted at Quebec’s Laval University found that its PACs may also be a natural weapon against tissue and bone destruction associated with periodontal diseases.

Whole Fruit Cranberry Powder from Fruit d’Or contains all-natural, 100% cranberry powder with no preservatives or excipients. It is available in organic and conventional. It is Non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. Most people can see the difference and feel the results after a couple of applications. Don’t worry the cranberry will not turn your teeth red.   


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