In all the talk about gut health, it seems like probiotics get all the attention. Prebiotics – the food that enables our gut microflora to thrive – are underappreciated. But thanks to leaders in the cranberry nutraceutical industry, that’s changing. Now something most of us probably never consider, cranberry seed powder, is proving to be a probiotic powerhouse.

Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals’ cranberry seed powder is comprised of more than 50 percent fiber and as much as 25 percent natural protein. The seed powder also contains 16 essential amino acids,  provides tocopherols and tocotrienols benefitting heart and circulatory health and has a minimum two percent PAC potency. Tests have shown that Cran Naturelle cranberry seed powder acts as a complete food source for certain probiotic strains such as Bacillius Coagulans.

The momentum for using this cranberry seed powder for digestive health products has been building since 2015. That’s when a synbiotic probiotic/prebiotic blend called LactoCran came on the market. LactoCran is a combination of Sabinsa Corporation’s room-temperature, shelf-stable LactoSpore probiotic brand of Bacillus coagulans (MTCC 5856) and Cran Naturelle cranberry seed powder.

Tests show that this specific cranberry seed powder showed remarkable potential as a prebiotic food for growth of LactoSpore compared to commonly used prebiotics such as fructooligosaccharides (FOS). In fact, results show that Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 probiotic strain has 200 percent more activity growth when combined with this cranberry powder instead of FOS.

Cran Naturelle cranberry powder contains carbon and nitrogen, which feeds the Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 to give it fuel and provide its energy source. The combination of fiber and protein creates a tailor-made synbiotic effect. Based on this growing body of research, the combination of cranberry and probiotics is the next generation of probiotic nutrition.

More about cranberry powder

Cranberry powder is derived from the seed of the cranberry and has become the new star ingredient, as the first-ever plant-based fruit to become a super food. In addition to dietary supplements, it is also ideal for smoothies, nutrition bars, yogurt, baked goods and beverages.

Also, cranberry seed powder is a good alternative to inulin as it does not cause the side effects of bloating or gas, as inulin does. Who would have thought that a tiny seed within the cranberry could be such a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to a healthier gut?

When it comes to developing products with cranberry seed, researchers and formulators must understand that not all cranberry seed is the same and that not all probiotic strains are equal.

Fruit D’Or has taken every step to provide a supply of cranberry seed that has been tested for efficacy and standardization.


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