It’s time to stop thinking of cranberries as just an ingredient that supports urinary tract health. This powerful fruit is filled with protein, fiber, seeds and oils. Each part of the cranberry is proving to be packed with nutritional benefits. It’s time to recognize cranberry as a super fruit.

Not all cranberry products are the same. Be aware of cranberry pig feed, as processing impacts a cranberry products’ final composition. For example, cranberry juice and/or spray-dried juice powder are devoid of fiber and protein. Conversely, presscake (skins seeds and juice) when dried correctly can be composed almost entirely of insoluble components which include valuable  fiber, polymeric insoluble PACs and protein. Too much heat in the drying or milling process may turn all the great goodness that mother nature has provided into pig feed.

Fruit d’Or’s cranberry seed powder is derived only from the cranberry’s seed. Fingerprint analysis indicates that it contains 50 percent fiber; 25 percent protein; 16 essential amino acids and fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9; phospholipids and potassium. Unlike other cranberry seed powders on the market that have been over dried, Fruit d’Or cranberry seed has been standardized to contain a minimum of 2% PACs.

Because of Fruit d’Or’s proprietary drying and milling process, this nutritious composition makes it a great food source of fiber and protein, especially when combined with probiotics for gut health. A study conducted by the Sabinsa Corporation on Lactocran, the combination of the probiotic LactoSpore (Bacillus coagulans) and cranberry seed powder demonstrated a synbiotic relationship. Results show that Lactocran Cranberry Seed Powder, when combined with LactoSpore generated 200 percent more growth activity than FOS or inulin. Also, cranberry seed powder is a good alternative to inulin as it does not cause the side effects of bloating or gas.

The cranberry seed powder improved the growth activity of the probiotic strain. Cranberry acted as a good source for the LactoSpore to perform at a higher level. This could be attributed to the high levels of fiber and amino acids naturally occurring in the cranberry seed.

Available as conventional Cran d’Or and Organic Cran Naturelle, cranberry seed powder is well suited for use in numerous applications including dietary supplements, confectionary (candy, gum fruit snacks, lozenges, mints), smoothies, shakes, baked goods and animal feed.


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