There is mounting evidence that nutrient-dense, whole-fruit cranberry can play an essential role in a healthy lifestyle. To get its many health benefits, the right starting ingredient must be used. Not all whole fruit cranberry ingredients are the same quality, as all of the nutrients must be present and shouldn’t be compromised during the production process. That’s why Cran d’Or is the number one whole-fruit cranberry supplement for conventional, non-organic cranberry users. This best-in-class, clinically proven powder carries a guarantee of standardized quality, purity and potency.

Cran d’Or is 100 percent whole-fruit powder, containing the skin, seeds and oil. It’s made with no fillers or additives. Use of the whole cranberry fruit provides protein, fiber, potassium, free fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 and an abundance of antioxidants and proanthocyanins. These offer head-to-toe nutritional benefits, including support for urinary tract, digestive system, skin and prostate health.

Cran d’Or also carries the five-star Cranberry Quality Assurance seal of approval, which guarantees purity, efficacy and safety from farm to finish. The powder is chemically fingerprinted to identify its entire spectrum of nutrients. The fingerprinting ensures the powder’s natural composition while maintaining its integrity and protects against adulteration. Fruit d’Or was the first company and only supplier to date to submit its ingredients to this high-quality testing.

Fruit d’Or is moving the cranberry industry forward with ingredient technology that’s backed by advanced science. The company pioneered industry-leading practices that protect consumers. The processes the company uses to grow, harvest and mill its cranberries – and Fruit d’Or’s advanced storage and handling techniques – help protect Cran d’Or’s PACs at every step of the production process. The future looks bright for Cran d’Or as its quality standards rise and shine above all other whole food cranberry ingredients  



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