Watch what happens when two big-name experts travel across North America to educate consumers about whole-fruit cranberry. Fruit d’Or Director of Global Sales and Product Development Stephen Lukawski explains, “Bryce Wylde and Jonny Bowdenare hitting it out of the ballpark! They’ve elevated this campaign, launched in June 2017, to even greater levels! We’ve come out strong talking about the health benefits of conventional Cran d’Or and organic Cran Naturelle.”

Best-selling authors and media favorites add even more merit to Fruit d’Or ingredients

Wylde and Bowden are best-selling authors and highly respected health professionals. Their TV appearances are always popular with audiences. Wylde is one of Canada’s leading alternative health experts and the author of “Power Plants.” Bowden, a respected nutritionist and healthy living expert, has authored numerous books including his best-selling “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth.”



Their third-party praise of Cran d’Or and Cran Naturelle is educating consumers that all cranberry is not the same, and why they should avoid inferior cranberry products.

Tips on selecting superior cranberry products

In these media clips, you’ll see that Wylde and Bowden both used the cranberry challenge, which is an easy way for consumers to protect themselves from inferior cranberry products. For the challenge, TV hosts are presented with the contents of six brands of cranberry supplement capsules. Only Fruit d’Or Cran d’Or and organic Cran Naturelle have true cranberry color and taste. Unlike other cranberry powders, Cran d’Or and Cran Naturelle whole fruit powders are a rich burgundy color, free from carriers, flow agents and excipients, reflecting the density and potency of the starting material.

Wylde also educated viewers on cranberry PACs, explaining that they can be used to supercharge the recipes in his Power Plants book. As he told the Houston audience, when choosing a cranberry supplement,“You want GMO free, organic and the highest concentration of PACs.”



Audiences learn that whole-fruit cranberry benefits go beyond UTIs

During his appearance on the Vancouver TV program Morning Live, Wylde demonstrated how Cran Naturelle whole-fruit cranberry can be used for a multitude of natural remedies, from a mouthwash to an anti-aging/anti-acne facial mask. He emphasized the whole health benefits of cranberry including cranberry’s contribution to a healthier cardiovascular system and gut.



Wylde also reinforced this concept during his appearance on CBS news program Great Day Houston. “It’s not just for UTIs anymore … It’s for the brain, for the heart, for the nervous system, for the immune system,” he emphasized. He pointed out that the easiest way to choose the most effective cranberry supplement is to always check the label for Cran Naturelle.

The momentum will continue through the fall with additional television interviews featuring Fruit d’Or cranberry products scheduled to air on NBC, Fox and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.



Fruit d’Or is also educating the industry about cranberry through trade media

Cran Naturelle and Cran d’Or have also been featured in online and print trade publications, to give industry members the data they need to make informed decisions. The journals have often featured Fruit d’Or director of global sales and product development Stephen Lukawski discussing a wide range of relevant topics:

  • Fruit d’Or Gets “Health Maintenance” Claim in Canada for Cranberry Seed Oil. Fruit d’Or Cranberry Seed Oil is registered with an NPN claim as a, “source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for the maintenance of good health. Source of antioxidants. Source of oleic acid.”NutraIngredients-USANutritional OutlookFood Technology
  • 6 Facts About Cranberries You Probably Didn’t Know. Nutrition industry leaders who toured the Fruit d’Or facilities in Quebec learned, for example, that cranberries have health benefits that go beyond UTIs. Research suggests benefits for dental health, cardio health and digestive health as well. New Hope Network
  • Role for Cranberry Seen in Oral Health for Seniors. Cranberry, when taken orally in shot form, coats the teeth and may interfere with the ability of biofilms to stick to tooth surfaces. A formulation made with Cran Naturelle organic whole fruit cranberry powder, which has its own oral health benefits, would provide standardized levels of PACs and avoid the criticism of cranberry juice cocktail, which is mostly water and sugar. NutraIngredients-USABeverage DailyNew Hope NetworkWhole Foods MagazineNutraIngredients-Asia
  • Healthful Ingredients Take on Industry’s Top Trends. The clean label trend has only increased in popularity. Cran Naturelle is a perfect fit as it is the industry’s first solvent-free and carrier-free organic cranberry juice powder formulated with organic acacia gum. Food Technology IFT
  • Fit for Purpose: Fruit d’Or Cran Naturelle is a Game Changer in Cranberry Research. Fruit d’Or is the first cranberry producer to follow a research process that can identify the cranberry, know what’s in it (such as its PAC activity), link the PAC to standardization, then establish efficacy. Nutrition Industry Executive


Cran Naturelle and Cran d’Or carry the Cranberry Quality Assurance (CQA) seal. CQA ensures that consumers are receiving an authenticated, pure, safe and efficacious dose of whole-food cranberry each time they use Cran Naturelle or Cran d’Or. The topics of cranberry adulteration and overall cranberry quality are further explained in Christian Krueger’s article, Three Pillars Needed to Strengthen the Cranberry Industry.

Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals has created the highest quality ingredients in the cranberry industry. Fruit d’Or is the only cranberry company in the world that plants, grows, harvests, dries and mills its own cranberry product. This enables Fruit d’Or to control its cranberries’ quality from farm to factory, seed to table. For additional resources and information about the power of cranberry, go to


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