Most of us want to maintain our youthful appearance for as long as possible. Good nutrition plays a big role in achieving a dewy, youthful complexion. Most experts now agree that the secret to glowing, healthy skin lies in the active ingredients we supply to our tissues from the inside and outside. Fruit d’Or Cran Naturelle Organic Cranberry Seed Oil is becoming an important part of many people’s beauty routine.

Many factors influence the aging process. With the onset of menopause, the decrease in estrogen production disrupts skin functioning, causing a decline in skin elasticity. The deterioration of the lipid barrier leaves the skin exposed to environmental elements and increases trans-dermal water loss. Skin loses suppleness. Sun exposure creates a free radical circus which is the leading cause of progressive skin aging. UVA and UVB radiation can penetrate to the dermis causing damage to collagen, elastin and DNA structures. Oxidative stress increases inflammation and compounds the signs of premature aging.

Cranberry seed oil is one of the most unsaturated oils on the market, making it an ideal moisturizing ingredient. With a composition of more than 95 percent fatty acids, cranberry seed oil may protect and reestablish the protective lipid barrier of the skin. It has excellent oxidative stability, a pleasant odor and texture, and the ideal 1:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6. Cran Naturelle from Fruit d’Or, a source of organic cranberry seed oil, is a perfect example of fruit oil for skin care applications.

Essential fatty acids are nourishing, protective, aid in the formation and maintenance of cellular membranes and are essential to the formation of prostaglandins to reduce inflammation. Cran Naturelle cranberry seed oil contains a unique combination of omega 3-6-9, which has increased the demand for this ingredient.

However, lipids are held within tissues by various interactive forces. Excessive refinement of the oil could destroy the naturally occurring phospholipid property that is vital to re-establishing the hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin.

The extraction of these essential fatty acids requires a method that separates the lipids from the biological matrix without interfering with its quality. The cold-pressed extraction method used in obtaining the Cran Naturelle cranberry seed oil is imperative to the preservation of its phospholipid content and its abundant natural antioxidants.

Cranberry seed oil contains a high concentration of polyphenols, rich in anthocyanins, tocopherols, tocotrienols and proanthocyanidins. These protective agents may aid in the reversal and prevention of UV-mediated skin damage. The incredible source of phytosterols contained in cranberry seed oil may enhance the protection and repair of damaged tissue, soothe inflammation and reduce itchiness in irritated skin. Tocopherol is widely used for its anti-aging and anti-oxidizing benefits in the health and beauty industries. Dl-alpha tocopherol represents the synthetic form of vitamin E which does not have the same absorbability as naturally occurring tocopherols. This is partially because synthetic tocopherols do not contain all of the eight compounds found in natural vitamin E for the body to be able to use it.

Cran Naturelle cranberry seed oil has been cold pressed extracted, offering an excellent blend of tocopherols and tocotrienols, allowing for optimal absorption and utilization. It is a perfect alternative to synthetic sources of vitamin E. Due to its stability and the protective characteristics of its high vitamin E content, cranberry seed oil is an excellent ingredient for products requiring stabilizing, emulsifying and penetrating actions to enhance the fatty acids and other components within its health product composition.

A natural preservative, cranberry seed oil and its high percentage of naturally occurring tocopherols can possibly preserve the shelf-life and enhance the bioavailability of other fatty acids such as fish oils and other active ingredients. By utilizing a cold-pressed extraction method with no excipients, the multitude of beneficial compounds and biological activities housed within Cran Naturelle organic cranberry seed oil are retained. The bioavailability of these ingredients in skin care applications may enhance the regeneration, healing, protection and ultimately the beautification of the skin. Stay forever young looking with a healthy skin glow using Cran Naturelle Organic Cranberry seed oil.  


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