There’s a reason why Fruit d’Or promotes lowbush wild blueberries as the king of blueberry ingredients. While lowbush wild blueberries are less abundant than the highbush varieties, they are simply more nutritious.

Highbush blueberry plants can reach heights as tall as eight feet. Grown in both the northern and southern parts of the U.S., highbush blueberries are large and abundant. Lowbush blueberry plants, also called wild blueberries, typically only grow to about two feet and thrive in the colder regions of the country. Smaller than the highbush fruit, wild blueberries are exceptionally sweet and have a more intense flavor.

While organic highbush offers good nutritional value, lowbush wild blueberries conventional or organic whole fruit powders are preferred for nutraceutical purposes because:

  • They contain more antioxidants. In a USDA study of 40 fruits and vegetables, whole-fruit, lowbush wild blueberries were found to have the highest antioxidant level.
  • They have higher anthocyanin potency. Lowbush wild blueberries are naturally richer in these flavonoids than the more abundant highbush varieties.
  • They contain a high amount of fiber. Each 80-calorie cup contains 25 percent of the recommended daily value, or twice that of highbush blueberries.
  • They contain a high amount of manganese. Each cup contains 200 percent of the recommended daily value, or eight times that of highbush blueberries. This mineral is essential for bone development.
  • They are more vibrant in color and taste. As a result of higher anthocyanins, lowbush wild blueberries are darker in color and have a more robust taste and flavor.

Fruit d’Or preserves the integrity of lowbush wild blueberries’ nutritional benefits in its whole-fruit wild blueberry ingredients by controlling its crops, drying and milling procedures from farm to finish. Rigorous third-party testing, including polyphenol fingerprint analysis, identifies the integrity of the starting wild blueberry whole-fruit powder, identifies and quantifies active biomarkers, and protects against adulteration.

Enjoy lowbush or highbush blueberries in your beverages, muffins and on your cereal. But for superior health benefits in the dietary supplement industry, opt for Fruit d’Or ingredients because they are derived exclusively from lowbush wild blueberries.



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