We may now be able to add mood boosting to wild blueberries’ growing list of health benefits. Research has shown that wild blueberries’ flavonoids may have a mood-improving effect on young adults and children.

Published study links wild blueberries with positive moods

A University of Reading study, published in the journal Nutrients, examined wild blueberries’ effects on young adults ages 18 to 21, as well as children ages seven to 10. These groups consumed either a placebo or a wild blueberry beverage prepared with 30 grams of freeze-dried wild blueberry powder (253 mg of anthocyanins), mixed with an orange drink and water. Anthocyanins are the pigment responsible for wild blueberries’ rich purplish blue color. Glucose and fructose were held constant in both the placebo and the wild blueberry beverages.

Participants rated their moods, before and after consumption, on a well-validated Positive and Negative Affect Scale. Both age groups recorded a significant increase in positive mood after drinking the wild blueberry beverage.

Results of this study suggest that flavonoids – such as those found in wild blueberries – may support positive moods.

A similar study in 2015, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, suggested that wild blueberries may boost concentration and memory in elementary school children.

Why flavonoids may impact mood and other cognitive functions

Much scientific research exits on flavonoids and how they may help support cognitive abilities, including improved long-term memory, visuospatial memory, attention, executive function and inhibition. The mechanisms thought to be responsible for these benefits include an increase in cerebral blood flow, protection against neuronal stress, and positive stimulation of neural signaling.

Research into the connection between wild blueberries and cognitive health is still in its early stages. However, this study adds to the reasons why wild blueberries are already considered nutritional powerhouses. The fruit is associated with eye health and oral health. Research also shows that wild blueberries support cardiovascular, bone, gut and skin health. In addition, wild blueberries are prized because they are high in vitamin C, rich in dietary fiber, fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free and only contain 80 calories per cup.

Maintaining wild blueberries’ integrity

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