Testing for Quality

Why everyone trusts our berries

To achieve standardization and efficacy, Fruit d’Or has established a quality assurance program called Cranberry Quality Assurance (CQA). This quality testing program is an industry first for cranberry. Cranberry is tested for DNA to ensure authenticity and is also tested for adulteration and fingerprinted to indentify bio-markers. The whole fruit cranberry and blueberries are then standardized for PAC content and Anthocyanins for anti-adhesion testing. The CQA program protects both our customers and consumers and delivers quality that everyone can trust.

Recent scientific advancements in core areas of authenticity, standardization and efficacy provide a solid research foundation for establishing dosage guidelines, evaluating quality and authenticity of both raw ingredients and formulated products and meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance guidelines. The industry is now better equipped to detect heavy metals and pesticides.

Without proven PAC markers, none of this could be possible. The following milestones were accomplished by Christian G. Krueger, a highly respected researcher. Krueger, CEO and CoFounder of Complete Phytochemical Solutions, is credited with conducting groundbreaking cranberry phytochemistry studies. He has also developed chemistry instrumentation and other analytical tools and test methods capable of creating ingredient “fingerprints”, beginning with cranberry polyphenols.


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By capitalizing on these analytical tools and verifiable reference standards, Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals has become the only cranberry and blueberry ingredient supplier whose ingredients are supported by repeatable studies.

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